About the Tour

Welcome to the free Design Details tour of Dundee.

Dundee has a rich history of design and this is reflected in its current status as a UNESCO City of Design.

Please join our guides Anna and Kevy as they take you on a tour of Dundee’s design hotspots and hidden gems.

“You never get to know a city until you walk a mile in its streets.” Winston Churchill, MP for Dundee, 1908-1922.

This tour takes up to two hours. You can choose to do all of it, or parts, according to weather. Do bear in mind that if you don’t like the weather, it will most likely be utterly different in ten minutes time.

This fun and light-hearted tour will look at the rich history of design in the city, attempt to solve some local enigmas and find out about the stories and the people behind the development of the city of Dundee.

About your tour guides

Anna McLuckie is a local historian who deeply loves Dundee. She was born and raised here and has lived here ever since, mostly in Stobswell and Lochee. Anna has written a number of books and pamphlets about Dundee and a stage play that concerns the week Cyndi Lauper spent in Dundee in 1982 that led her to write her global hit “Time After Time”.

Kevy Clark is a design guru and fellow Dundee Enthusiast. He opened design practice Guerilla Format in London in the late nineties and has won a considerable number of awards. His retrospective book, “Kevy Clark: Design It Better, Yeah” is due to be published by Intrinsic Smorgasbord very soon.