City Quay, walking up Chandler’s Lane


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Anna: Walk away from the river and go up Chandler’s lane. A Ship’s Chandler was a dealer who specialised in supplies and equipment for ships. Items that could be found in a chandlery here might include locally produced items such as tar, whale oil, seal skins, hemp as well as all the tools, fixings, rope, boat hooks, mops and hand pumps a sailor would need.

Kevy: At the top of Chandler’s Lane you will see two ships. The Unicorn, built in 1824 in the Chatham Dockyards in Kent and the North Carr Light Vessel, an engineless ship that was towed into place. It spent forty one years making sure the North Carr sandstone reef wasn’t damaged by ships entering the Firth of Forth. The lightship broke adrift from her moorings in a gale in December 1959. All eight crew members of the Broughty Ferry lifeboat died trying to rescue her.

Anna: The frigate Unicorn has a beautiful figurehead depicting Scotland’s national animal. Ribbons are tied around its horn on Mayday every year as a rite of spring.