RRS Discovery


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Anna: In the dry dock next to the V&A building we have RRS Discovery which went to the Antarctic with Scott in the Olden Days. And it’s now possible to climb aboard and have a look at it. Some people have complained that the ship is pointing towards Dundee and that it’s a symbolic notion that you can never leave the city.

Kevy: The new designs around the V&A means that the ship can never leave. It’s trapped as it was in the ice of the Antarctic on that fateful expedition where the entire crew perished in the frozen tundra.

Anna: But Dundee is not a frozen tundra any more.

Kevy: Let’s look at the V&A again. An interesting design detail is that there is not a single straight wall or right angle in the building’s construction. The walls are curved on the inside and outside of the building. When complete, the V&A will draw 5000 visitors a year and create 12 jobs.