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Anna: This is where Dundeeā€™s worst ever fire happened, a whiskey warehouse, went up in 1906, causing severe damage to the surrounding area. The night watchman and noted local lush, William Havers, was inebriated and careless with a cigarette. The building was soon ablaze and large vats of whisky caught fire and exploded, leading to flaming alcohol raining down on surrounding streets and buildings. The fire quickly spread to other buildings. The premises of another whisky merchant in nearby Candle Lane were also destroyed. So bad was the inferno that firefighters had to be called from Edinburgh to help fight it.
The fire attracted thousands of spectators who gathered to watch the blaze and rescue what they could from the ‘rivers of blue-flamed whiskey that flowed into the street drains’. William Havers died when he heroically returned to the flaming building attempting to save a whiskey barrel.