Slessor Gardens


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Kevy: Cross the road and continue walking parallel to the river Tay, keeping the V&A on your right hand side. You’ll see Slessor Gardens on your left, a wonderful civic lawn. Approach the small structure in the corner. This was also designed by Kengo Kuma, the architect of the V&A. The design is inspired by a traditional Japanese Kibako (wooden box) with wood stacked like a structure of firewood logs, and is a scaled up version of the shed Kuma has in his own garden. The shed is composed of various lengths and diameters of tree trunks sourced from fallen trees in Templeton Woods on the outskirts of Dundee.

Anna: The lawnmowers are kept in here and used on Sundays for the communal municipal mowing of the lawn, for those who live in tenements and may not have a lawn. It increases civic pride and is a good all round scheme.

Kevy: Cross over the road safely at the crossing and head to the riverside path.