Yeaman Shore


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Kevy: This is a favourite spot for many Dundonians as you are able to take in two of Dundee’s recent architectural additions.

Anna: Looking to your right, you can see the back of the Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre. Built in 1999 and designed by Richard Murphy Architects; DCA, as it’s known, was once a garage and later an unofficial skate park.

Kevy: Now looking to your left you can see Green Market Car Park. It was designed by Frank Travers and built in 2001 after the tremendous success of DCA led a demand for more parking. This car park was designed in a complementary style to the DCA, mirroring some of its more recognisable features. Its lower budget and commercial focus did not put off developers going the extra mile, creating what is widely regarded as the best example of a carpark built at the turn of the millennium in Dundee.

Anna: The Green Market Carpark was so popular that in 2012 DCA completed a successful funding bid to retrofit a sliding panel at the back of its cinema number one. You can see this towards the middle, right hand side of the building . After every screening ends, the panel slides back to give the audience an unspoilt view of the carpark. This has become a big tourist attraction for DCA and about ten years ago a website appeared that people can upload their carpark photos to. The traffic to this website outstrips visits to the official DCA website.